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Thanksgiving Turkey Orders Taken Now Empty Thanksgiving Turkey Orders Taken Now

Post  Shep on Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:09 am

If you want to create a delicious and memorable feast for your family and guests this Thanksgiving, Shepherd's Valley has big beautiful birds that will provide a stunning centerpiece and showcase the best traditional foods on your table. Grass-fed, supplemented with organic grains, these are the highest nutrition, best tasting birds you’re apt to find anywhere. Heritage Breed Bourbon Reds will dress out at 9-14 lbs. and are $6.00/lb. Broad-breasted Bronze turkeys will dress out at 16-24 lbs. (larger upon request) and are $4.00/lb. The Bourbon Reds have proportionately more dark meat and less breast meat, but have a richer taste – the taste many chefs prize. The NY Times chef-preferred bird is the Bourbon Red turkey – overwhelmingly chosen as the best tasting turkey in America. A $30/bird reserve will hold your birds. We always SELL OUT of our turkeys every season, and generally by early September, so don’t wait ‘til it’s too late. Reserve your birds now.


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