Pastured Lamb Orders Being Taken Now

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Pastured Lamb Orders Being Taken Now Empty Pastured Lamb Orders Being Taken Now

Post  Shep on Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:48 am

Shepherd's Valley raises premium quality meat lambs. These lambs are grass-fed on lush green pastures, and are supplemented with alfalfa and prairie hays - no grains. There are no hormones, no vaccinations, and no antibiotics used. $75/lamb reserve required. Processing in later summer and early fall. Price is $4.00/lb. hanging weight plus processing. Customers may order whole or half lambs, and receive custom processing to their specifications. Hanging weights are approximately 55 lbs. and depending on the type of cuts desired, results in about 35-40 lbs. of packaged meat for a whole lamb.

We have converted many a "hesitant taster" into a lamb lover with the first few bites. Lean meat with delicious taste!


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