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Post  Shep on Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:16 pm

My first new garden tool purchased in 1980 was brand new Troy-bilt roto-tiller. It has been in use every year since then, providing food for my family, and making money for us, and we are still using the original model. I replaced the carburetor, but only because I got to close to the edge of building and hit and broke the casting. I've replaced the tines, the seals, and eventually the motor, but it's a great machine that keeps on giving. You can still find Troy-bilt tillers new and used for sale all around the country. It was and still is a very popular and well built tool.

If I was to go out and buy an new tiller today, I'd look very seriously at a BCS tiller and the many attachments available, including the raised bed builder:

The BCS may be the highest priced tiller out there, but if you are raising food on a larger scale than the backyard and expect to use it regularly, it comes highly recommended by lots of satisfied users. Even if you have acres of garden and use a tractor for most of your field work, the BCS tiller is still a useful tool for bed preparation and cultivation work. You can even bale hay with it!


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