Fertrell Organic soil amendments and fertilizers

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Fertrell Organic soil amendments and fertilizers Empty Fertrell Organic soil amendments and fertilizers

Post  Shep on Thu Mar 26, 2009 11:00 am

I spent many years looking for regionally available organic fertilizers and soil amendments. I purchased many items via mail order, but shipping prices were/are outrageous. Finally, I came across the oldest organic soil amendment/livestock feed supplement company in America - Fertrell.

I began using their products, liked the results, and eventually became a dealer. I am now the east central Kansas dealer for their entire product line. For more information, see www.fertrell.com or contact me for all your gardening/farming or livestock needs. I have a good inventory and can order items not currently in stock. If you need a soil test, I have the soil sample bags and lab information to determine your soil needs.

We have greensand, worm castings, bone meal, liquid kelp, fish emulsion, pyganic, blended fertilizers, azomite trace minerals, aragonite, diatomaceous earth (DE), lawn care products, foliar sprays, and much more. We have poultry and livestock supplements, Redmond trace mineral salt, herbal wormers, and many other products.

Contact Shepherd's Valley, Americus, Kansas for your organic and all natural soil amendments and livestock supplements.


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