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Egg Shares

Post  Shep on Thu Aug 19, 2010 10:37 am

Along with selling CSA shares of produce, Shepherd's Valley sells "egg shares" as well. You can custom design your egg share to a minimum number of dozen eggs per week or per month. Some customers get 1 doz/week, some 1 doz/month, some 8 doz/week - whatever minimums you need (and you can always get extras for those baking events). The egg share covers one calendar year, and may then be renewed. No messing with individual transactions, paper work, or making change. You don't have to worry about fluctuating prices either. You pay one time for your egg share, then renew at the end of the year. You can pick up your eggs at the farm or have them delivered into Emporia, Council Grove, Manhattan, or Topeka to designated drop-off points.

Shepherd's Valley eggs come from American standard breed layers that are raised on green pastures. We move our laying hens twice per day (morning and evening) onto fresh paddocks of lush green grasses, and supplement them with organic grains and trace minerals. These large brown eggs are above and beyond organic, with bright orange yolks that stand up and salute in the pan. Breakfast eaters, bakers, and chefs can sure tell the difference in our eggs, and so will you. You'll find it nigh well impossible to go back to "supermarket substitutes" after eating these wonderful farm fresh eggs from Shepherd's Valley.

You may also purchase eggs a dozen or two at a time without doing the "share" option, by ordering them direct from Shepherd's Valley.

BTW, if you like those breakfast burritos at the Emporia Farmers Market , you'll be happy to learn they are made with Shepherd's Valley eggs!


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