Anyone here ever do any solar cooking?

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Anyone here ever do any solar cooking?

Post  Shep on Tue Mar 17, 2009 8:41 pm

Anyone here on the EALFN forum do any solar cooking?

Solar cooking saves fuel and energy costs, since the heat source is FREE sunshine!

We own several models of solar cookers, from the inexpensive homemade cardboard and aluminum panel cookers, to the more expensive manufactured units. We have box cookers, panel cookers, and parabolic style cookers.

While on a weekend campout, you can go out scouting, fishing, foraging, taking photos, or swimming, and come back to a wonderful hot cooked meal and not have to worry about a fire, since there is no flame used. No need to gather firewood, or be constantly checking the temperature - foods are slow cooked to perfection. You can even grill with some models.

Over the years, I've taught many students, both young and old how to make and use solar cookers, from makeshift models made from a reflective windshield cover to more involved parabolics. These are educational and fun projects for families, scouts, 4-H, backpackers, church and homeschool groups.

Here's a link to many articles and DIY solar cookers:

Here's a short video clip on solar cooking in the news:


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