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Post  Shep on Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:20 am

Squash bugs are a perennial problem for area gardeners, capable of decimating zucchini, summer squash, and all members of the squash family. You can use the pick and pinch 'em method, but you'll never keep up with the numbers. You can try to "out-plant" them by planting lots of extra plants to keep you going later in the season until the squash bugs finally win. You can buy organic sprays at expensive prices with varying results, but then there are ducks. Yes, ducks. Indian Runner ducks, to be specific - those penguin-shaped, tottering bowling pin-like, super fast running ducks that don't fly. Seems they love to annihilate squash bugs! Or so they say.

Well, here at Shepherd's Valley, we are going to try another squash bug experiment - one of many through the last few years. Baby ducklings arrived at the farm this week and are being raised up as pest management tools - cute ones, too! Oh, and we might get a few duck eggs when they mature, as well. Turning liabilities into profitable assets - bugs into eggs, killing two bir . . er, uh, well, getting rid of one problem and putting cash in our pockets at the same time - can't beat that combination. We'll keep you posted on whether our project is successful or not, because lots of folks would like to discover a workable solution to the annual squash bug invasion.


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