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Post  Ben Stallings on Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:33 am

I have no idea where to post this. There are WAY too many categories in this forum, IMHO. So I'm just going to post here...

My friends at the Permaculture Research Institute for Cold Climates in Minneapolis started a Backyard Harvest program a little over a year ago. It had a very successful first year and is now hiring staff for its second year:

What is Backyard Harvest? It's a CSA that uses members' land instead of its own separate land. So by becoming a member, you not only get a share of the produce, you get a share of the farm maintained for you in your yard. Because the farm grows along with the membership, the model is scalable from just a few members to dozens, hundreds or even thousands (in the Twin Cities).

This is a model I'd be interested to pursue in a few years when my own urban garden can be considered a success, and when I have some proper training. I'll be getting certified as a permaculture designer this coming summer. I'm glad to have the folks in the Twin Cities working the bugs out of the model for me! ;-)

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