Drum Composters

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Drum Composters

Post  Shep on Thu Dec 03, 2009 9:38 pm

I recently acquired two drum composters from two different people. One was a bargain buy at a garage sale for only $20, and was used only one season. The other was a NIB barter deal, traded for a share of some 2010 season veggies. Both are the "Compostumbler" brand - the medium and large sizes. https://www.compostumbler.com/StoreFront/IAFDispatcher

I built a poor man's version about 30 years ago using a 55 gallon drum, some 2x4's, and two pair of buckle on cheap roller skates. I slapped together a wooden stand, bolted the skates on the top with the rollers facing up, and mounted the metal barrel on the skates. The little ridges on the barrel walls run between the skate wheels and keep the drum aligned. It worked great and I was pretty happy with my primitive drum composter.

Here's a trick for using a composter in the winter time. If you have a small batch composter like a drum composter and you have a hoophouse - put the composter inside the hoophouse and it will heat up every day so you can be making compost every few weeks throughout the winter.


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