Basil Bonanza!

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Basil Bonanza!

Post  Shep on Thu Oct 15, 2009 10:21 am

I don't know how many basil lovers there are out there in the area, or how many folks use basil on a regular/frequent basis in cooking, but would be interested to connect with those of you who do.

What kinds of basils do you like? Beyond the classic Genovese or Large Leaf Italian varieties, have you tried the lemon basil, the lime basil, or the cinnamon basil? How about the Red Rubin or purple varieties?

If you had a local supplier of organically grown fresh basil available weekly, would you be apt to purchase it? Do you used dried basil during the winter? Would you be interested in purchasing basil plants in pots for container growing or kitchen windowsill uses?

Do you know chefs or caterers in the area that use or would use basil on a frequent basis? Trying to get a feel for any market potential . . .


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