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Post  Shep on Sat Sep 19, 2009 5:19 pm

Flint Hills Tech College sponsored a "Winter Gardening" class recently, taught by Lisa Tosti. Lisa did a superb job explaining the how-to's and why's of using cold frames for raising greens during the winter months in Kansas. Using Eliot Coleman's book on Four Season Gardening, Lisa walked us step-by-step from construction techniques, to placement and orientation of cold frames, through suggested crop varieties to grow. My compliments to the chef!

Every Kansas gardener should take up the challenge, and be doing what Lisa did for the first time last winter - using cold frames to extend the fall season, learning to raise their own backyard winter greens for the best in sweet tasting veggies and salads all winter long. Whether building carpenter quality cold frames with tempered glass or using inexpensive hay bales and recycled storm windows, the result is the same - healthy greens growing under glass all winter.

Thanks Lisa, for imparting enthusiasm along with simple instructions for wannabe's, newbies, and seasoned gardeners alike.


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