My Latest Solar Cooker Projects

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My Latest Solar Cooker Projects

Post  Shep on Sat Sep 19, 2009 4:03 pm

I had an old red Coleman cooler from the 60's - back when they were made of metal. It has a sturdy locking mechanism. Using spray adhesive, I lined the interior of the insulated box with aluminum foil. I added a mirror to the interior of the lid, and had the local glass company make up a double pane window to fit the interior dimensions of the box. There is a small "lip" a few inches below the top of the box that the window sets on. Put your black pot inside with the goodies, and "Voila" - a solar box cooker I can take camping that is sturdy, durable, looks like it's part of the regular camping stuff, and does a great job cooking up the noon meal.

Although I'm known for baking bread in a bathtub, at my latest solar cooking demo I revealed my newest version of the gardener's solar cooker - i.e. a wheel barrow cooker. Here' how to do it: take one old wheelbarrow, add one reflective windshield cover with the shiny side up to the interior, cover with a double pane recycled window, and you're in business. Add a blackened pot with your favorite recipe and now you're cooking! It's portable, too, for those necessary adjustments to face the sun.

I'm now eyeing my neighbor's old satellite TV dish, thinking about a makeover to a solar parabolic cooker.

A solar water heater is on the drawing board and I'm scrounging materials preparing for the day when that project takes shape. So many projects, so little time . . .


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