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Post  Shep on Sat Aug 01, 2009 12:24 pm

Tomatoes love hot, humid August weather, but the coolest July in memory has put a damper on tomato production. Lots of folks have called us and said they aren't getting their tomatoes to ripen or even set on. Some have pulled up their tomato plants in desperation - it's the weather, folks. Hang on, when hot weather returns the tomatoes will come on again. With it being wet, there are some other fungus and blight issues as well.

Heirloom tomatoes offer some of the best tasting opportunities at this time of the year for tomato lovers. Learning of get past the idea that a tomato has to be red is the first hurdle. When you discover our Nebraska Wedding (orange) tomatoes, you'll change your mind about how good they taste. Cherokee Purple tomatoes are ugly but very meaty and tasty. Probably the best tasting tomato IMHO is Aunt Ruby's German Green - a big green slicer that will knock your socks off in taste. But getting people to try them is something of a challenge. Tomato tasters are much more objective when they are blindfolded. Green Zebra tomatoes (green with yellow stripes) are really good, too! Pineapple tomatoes and Big Rainbows are big slicers with loads of color and taste.


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