Raising Big Beautiful Onions - The Secret Ingredient(s)

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Raising Big Beautiful Onions - The Secret Ingredient(s) Empty Raising Big Beautiful Onions - The Secret Ingredient(s)

Post  Shep on Fri Jul 31, 2009 9:28 pm

Here at Shepherd's Valley we tried for many years to raise a good onion crop for our shareholders, and always seemed to fall short of our goal in both volume and size of bulbs. While we could raise green onions (scallions) fine, and onions would grow - we never could get them to a big or full size as what we could buy at the supermarket. I simply thought it was Kansas climate and soils that we just couldn't compete with those California grown onions. I was wrong.

I began reading about the benefits of bone meal for growing below ground bulbing plants, and eventually started broadcasting it in the fall, then dusting it on the soil in a wide row at spring planting time. Fertrell introduced its "Soil Mineralizer" soil amendment about three years ago. It contains bonechar (steamed bone meal), aragonite (coral calcium with beneficial bacteria), greensand, gypsum, and trace minerals. After using it for the last two seasons, we saw HUGE results - our onions are now whopper sized, beautiful specimens that often receive compliments from visitors and questions about how we raise such big, beautiful onions.

All the ingredients of the Soil Mineralizer are organic and produce superior results. I highly recommend this product for growing onions, garlic, beets, any bulbing vegetable, or flower bulbs.


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