Solar Cooker Construction Classes and Demos

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Solar Cooker Construction Classes and Demos

Post  Shep on Thu Jul 09, 2009 7:39 pm

Topeka Farmers’ Market features Shepherd’s Valley July 22. The Topeka Farmers’ Market contacted us recently about doing a solar cooking demonstration at their location south of the capitol on Wednesday morning, July 22nd. The following week, on July 28th and 30th, I am teaching a two-part evening class on solar cooker construction at the Flint Hills Tech College in Emporia, and will be directing a solar cook-off at the Emporia Farmers Market, Saturday, August 15th. Please mark your calendars, and if you are in the area, plan to come by to see or participate in some amazing cooking methods using the FREE energy of the sun to cook. I will show how to boil water in a few seconds, bake bread in a bathtub, flash cook an egg, and demonstrate various commercial and homemade solar cookers. We’ve been building and using solar cookers for over three decades. Come see all the fun!


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