Should You Trust The Government's "Organic" Label?

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Should You Trust The Government's "Organic" Label?

Post  Shep on Sun Jul 05, 2009 7:58 pm

Questioning The Integrity Of The USDA "Organic" Label - Cross posted from "Food Safety Alerts"

Should the consumer trust the government's organic label now that big money wants a big chunk of profits from the reputation of organic foods? From organic baby food to foreign sourced foods - the organic label is shown to be corrupted, with bought-off officials compromising the standards. There are now more contaminants than ever in "organic" labeled foods. Why is a government stamp NOT the answer for safe food? Read it:

Grow your own foods or buy from a local grower whom you know and trust. This is why we need to keep our dollars going to local producers with a good reputation for quality food.


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