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Post  Admin on Tue May 12, 2009 8:57 pm

In a brief summary, here is the list of ideas and projects EALFN is working on to develop:

Community Gardens in Emporia and expanding to surrounding communities
Local Farmers' Markets (4) promotions
Certified Kitchen(s) for use by the public for preparation of value-added products to be marketed in the region.
Farm to School programs - bringing local foods to the cafeteria menus
School gardens on-site incorporating gardening into class curriculums
Using school cafeteria waste as compost in area garden projects
Promoting producer to institution and area restaurant sales
Providing educational courses on gardening and food-related subjects
Incorporating garden projects into area culinary arts programs
Promoting area farm tours for students
High Tunnel construction and workshops
Scheduling public showings of "The Future Of Food" and similar films
Distribution of the film via donations to area public libraries and organizations
Producer/Consumer meetings to brainstorm marketing of local foods
Establishment of the EALFN on-line forum for communications
Scheduling a local food production "how-to" convention

And that's not all . . . stay tuned!


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