Posting Events To The Calendar

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Posting Events To The Calendar

Post  Admin on Wed Apr 29, 2009 11:01 am

Posts about the dates of upcoming events, classes, and workshops are found by clicking on the Calendar link under the Emporia Area Local Food Network heading. Click on "Search" to find the month and date of upcoming events. Or you make scan the posts under the Upcoming Events, Workshops, and Classes forum.

When posting events directly to the calendar, the Upcoming Events forum automatically posts the information there, but without the dates given. To remedy this, please add the date onto the end of the "title" of your post. Example: Emporia Farmers' Market - Sat. Oct. 24

It seems redundant, but it works, and makes it clear to the readers. If you attempt to delete a post from the Upcoming Events forum, it automatically deletes it off the calendar, too.


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