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Post  tlcfh on Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:15 pm

Are you thinking about selling at the market? GREAT!!!!

Local demand for local food is up up up! Last year was our best year ever – not by just a little bit, but by a long shot! Total sales in 2008 were over $75,000, which is 35% above the average for the previous 5 years, and 25% above the previous best year ever (2006).

Local people really want the high-quality, locally-grown produce, locally-baked treats, and hand-made articles that their neighbors provide at the market. And what’s more, they’re willing to pay retail prices for them!

In 2009, we expect demand to be even higher.
1) Recent establishment of a Local Foods Network in Emporia and the surrounding area demonstrates the ever-increasing desire of consumers to have a direct relationship with the people who provide their food.

2) The EFM will be accepting Vision (food stamp) cards for the first time. This new program is an improvement over the old Senior Nutrition Program in several key ways:

  • EFM vendors are not required to go through any special training;
  • Vision card benefits will provide people of all ages with the wonderful foods our vendors produce;
  • It includes baked goods, jams, jellies, etc., in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • We will be able to process debit cards at the market this year too!
3) Increased publicity and special events bring more people to the market.

Demand is particularly increasing for Heirloom fruits and veggies, for organically-grown produce and healthful (whole-grain, low salt, low or no sugar) baked goods. People have been asking for a wider variety of produce items, including more greens, herbs, ethnic vegetables, mushrooms, organically-grown wheat and soybeans (both edamame and dry). These “niches” are wide open in today’s market, and if you have an interest in filling those niches, you’d have a near-guaranteed customer base!

Please check our website ( for info on signing up for our New Vendor Workshop in April.

Please call (620) 343-6555 or email us ( if you have ANY questions about the market. We’d love to hear from you!

Vendor Requirements
  • All items sold at EFM must be grown, baked, canned, made or otherwise produced by the vendor.
  • Vendors register to sell before the market begins. It is best if they register at least one day before their first market, but walk-ins the day of first sales can be accommodated.
  • When registering, vendors sign an agreement to follow all market regulations and pay the one-time $15 promotional fee.
  • Vendors should be in place at least 15 minutes prior to market start time (8 am on Saturdays, 5 pm on Wednesdays). A market volunteer will check off the items each vendor has for sale and call that information in to KVOE for broadcast at the beginning of market time.
  • At the end of each market, vendors pay a commission of 15% of sales each time they sell, and exchange any market tokens or coupons collected for cash. Sales taxes are paid out of the commission. You must price your goods accordingly!
  • Vendors are asked to call or email the market office by Thursday morning each week if they anticipate having something new and exciting to sell that week, so this info can be included in the weekly market newsletter.
  • It is recommended that vendors use clear signage with varieties of goods and prices clearly marked. Additional signage about you, your market, your growing/baking practices (e.g. organically grown, sugar-free, etc) is also very much appreciated by customers.


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