Application for garden plot

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Application for garden plot

Post  rachael on Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:31 pm

Please fill out the following form and return it to Beth at This form is also available in hard copy or soft copy (via email) upon request.

2009 Emporia Community Garden Application

Name:__________________________ Phone:___________ E-mail:______________________

Address:________________________________ City:__________________ Zip:___________

I give permission to share my contact information with other gardeners. ___yes ___no

Gardener profile: (please check all that apply)
__I am a new gardener requesting a plot.
__I am a returning gardener requesting: __the same plot OR __a plot change.
__I do not want a plot at this time, but am interested in volunteering with Emporia Community Garden Association.
__I am interested in: __taking and/or __teaching free gardening classes.
__I am interested in a second plot, if one becomes available.
__I am interested in a plot for raised beds when they become available.
__I would like a plot near my friend, if possible. Friend's name_________________________
__I plan to use the mid-season tilling services ($5/tilling)
__I would like to request a handicapped accessible plot.
__Please note the following information as you consider my application and assign my garden plot:

Please list the plants that you intend to grow this season, so that we may assign the best plot for your needs: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Signature: I have read the Emporia Community Garden rules and agree to abide by them. I agree that if I fail to abide by the rules, I forfeit my lot(s) and all remaining produce. As a voluntary participant, I recognize that no other individual or group is responsible in the event of injury to my family or myself.

Signature:________________________________________________ Date:_____________

Please make checks payable to Emporia Community Garden Association. Return completed application, along with $30 payment, to:
Emporia Community Garden Association
P.O. Box 100
Emporia, KS 66801

----------------------------------DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE-----------------------------------

Plot #___________ Payment received: cash___ check___ date_______ by_____ (initials)



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