Morels Waiting To Be Harvested!

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Morels Waiting To Be Harvested! Empty Morels Waiting To Be Harvested!

Post  Shep on Sun Apr 26, 2009 8:46 pm

It time to get out in the woods and harvest those morels, you've scouted out! Wholesale at $40/lb. (Manhattan) was the last price I heard quoted from a friend who hunts them. Remember to watch out for false morels that can make some people violently ill.

I'm not really an avid mushroom hunter, but I am an opportunist when I find them! With a wet spring and being just past pasture burning season, there should be plenty of morels around for those that know where to look. Morel hunters guard the secrecy of their patches like fishermen do their favorite fishing holes, so asking around won't likely get you much information, unless you use ($) bribery or a split of the take to extract that info.


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